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Baby Nursery~ Before & After

I've been off work since the 1st of November and it feels like I have been even busier than ever before!
The nesting instinct kicked in around the same time and that gave me an extra surge of energy.

I drove David crazy with my to-do list and constant reminders for him to get the nursery painted (or rather hire the painters). Every morning before he left for work I'd say, "Don't forget your phone, wallet, car key, access card and please can you get someone to paint the nursery". And every day for about a week, he'd forget to e-mail them.

Then something miraculous happened! My nesting instinct rubbed off on him. So there we were, hand in hand organizing our apartment, sorting out clothes to be given away to charity, throwing out all the junk that we had accumulated over the years and rearranging furniture.

After three weeks, I'm finally able to post our before & after pictures of the nursery which was once upon a time, David's study.

We decided to keep the sofa bed in the nursery.

Wall decals and picture frames were added to fill the rather bare walls.

In keeping with the owl theme, I managed to find a few owl cushions at a craft bazaar.

All owled out!

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