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Songs for Baby

I've started crooning to my baby. Maybe she'll start a playlist in my belly and would request for a few familiar tunes when she needs a little soothing .

Here's my list of favourite tunes:

Baby Mine from the Disney's classic animation, Dumbo (a real tear jerker) - This version is sung by Bette Midler

La La Lu from Lady and the Tramp (watched this as a kid)

The Rainbow Connection- my brother used to play this on the guitar :)

You Belong to Me

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Beautiful Boy (guess I'll be changing it to Beautiful Girl)

Till There Was You

And I Love Her (I simply love The Beatles)

She's Got a Way

Isn't She Lovely- Stevie Wonder wrote this for his daughter

Daughters- John Mayer

Clair de lune - Debussy


Mini Babymoon ~ Kuantan

A babymoon is a period of time that parents spend bonding with a recently-born baby.
More recently the term has come to be used to describe a vacation taken by a couple that is expecting a baby in order to allow the couple to enjoy a final trip together before the many sleepless nights that usually accompany a newborn baby. Babymoons usually take place at a resort that offers appropriate services like prenatal massage.
Babymoon can also be used for a trip taken by a couple even before they get pregnant. As long as the trip is intended to be a final romantic fling before venturing into parenthood, the term babymoon applies.
The term babymoon comes from the more traditional term honeymoon, which is a vacation taken by a newlywed couple after their wedding ceremony- wikipedia
We decided to go on a mini babymoon with Sam. Why mini? Well, it's only to Kuantan for 3 days. And it's also considered David's mini golf holiday.

The real babymoon will take place sometime in October where we will go to Bali for about a week with 3 other families. Of course, golf was the main reason the  trip was planned. Hey, what's a holiday without a few rounds of golf while the missus heads for the spa.
I would be around 34 weeks by then and really hope that I would be able to enjoy the vacation despite being fat, heavy, tired and everything uncomfortable you can think of.

Sorry to digress, back to Kuantan. The drive to the Hyatt Regency took only about 2 1/2 hours and we managed to check-in before noon. The weather was lovely and promised a weekend of sun, sea and snooze by the pool.

We were lucky to get a room overlooking the pool and of course, the gorgeous sea view.

Despite looking and feeling like a whale, I managed to squeeze into my bikini and enjoy some pool time with David and Sam.

The boys spent a chunk of our time there playing in the pool.....

...and enjoying a few rounds of golf...

...while I gazed up sleepily from the lounge chair by the pool

Baby and Dr. Kamaljit are now friends ................. 4 months ago . Like . Comment

So there I was on the bed being scanned by Dr Kamaljit. She "oohs" and "ahhs" at the monitor, annoucing that our baby was healthy and that I was 6 weeks and 5 days pregnant. But she then went"hmmm" and I detected trouble. She had discovered that the ovarian cyst had grown from 3 cm to 6 cm (we actually detected the cyst in January but was hoping that it would shrink naturally). Not only that, the cyst had decided to multiply and had grown another tiny friend of 3cm.

Not what I wanted to hear at all! Doc said to not worry as sometimes these cysts are know to shrink and that there was nothing I could do as we were just in the first trimester then. We could only decide what to do during the second trimester. In the mean time, our baby was fine and we even heard her heartbeat. It was more like a galloping horse. Whoa!!

25th April 2011 ~ First picture of our baby. Can you see her? Can you?? Not the black glob...that's my bladder. Look left, now do you see her? Aww...good baby :)

The two black masses....bad cysts!

7th May 2011 ~ Now you can see her better :)

21st May 2011 ~ You can now see her head and body.

See that? That's her heartbeat!

11th June 2011 ~ She's sitting upright.

Reclining to a more comfortable position.

Hi everybody!! *waving*

I had the surgery to remove the cysts on the 16th June 2011 and was given forty five days rest by the doctor. Everything went smoothly, the only reminder I have of the cysts now is a c-section scar.

16th July 2011 ~ A month after the surgery, baby is getting bigger :)

30th July 2011 ~ It's a girl! Now this is a little complicated. You're viewing her from the bottom. Look to the left of where the doctor has marked XX. See those 3 lines? That's her hoohaa :e


Things to Buy

So here's a short list of things I need to buy:

For the trip home from hospital (and out and about):
~ Car seat  purchased the Concord Ultimax carseat (0-5 yrs)
~ Baby outerwear (coat, hats, socks/booties, and bundling blankets)
~ Stroller and baby carrier  Decided on a a stroller minus the baby carrier. We bought the maclaren stroller
~ Diaper bag (have my heart set on the diaper bag by Oi Oi)

For the nursery needs:
~ Crib, bassinet (and sheets)
~ Swaddling blankets
~ Clothes: five side-snap T-shirts, five one-piece bodysuits, five sleepers or sleep sacks, three pairs of socks, and a couple of hats.
~ Changing table or pad
~ Diapers: Two jumbo packs of the newborn-sized disposable diapers should do the trick for the first week
~ Wipes/cotton balls
~ Diaper cream and lotion
~ Night light

For bath time
~ Baby bathtub Got the "precious bear" bath range from Mothercare
~ Baby wash and shampoo
~ Baby washcloths
~ Hooded baby towels
~ Baby comb (to prevent cradle cap)
~ Cotton balls
~ Bath toys

For meal time (breastfeeding or bottle feeding):
~ Burp cloths
~ Breast pump and accessories
~ Bottles (Ginny and Vincent bought the Tommy Tippee sterilizer and bottles set as a gift)
~ Nursing pads
~ Nipple cream: A lanolin cream can help soothe sore nipples.

For the medicine chest:
~ Baby digital rectal thermometer
~ Infant acetaminophen
~ Fingernail scissors, clippers, or emery boards

And here are the things on David's list:

~ Olympus EPL 2  camera  purchased earlier this month
~ Taylor Made R11 TP golf club bought yesterday in Bangkok
~ A tool box (not to do up the nursery, he needs to hang 2 Chinese scrolls he bought while on a Shanghai business trip)
~ Practical family car


March 2011 ~ The Beginning!

9th March 2011 ~ That's when it all started. Of course I did not know I was pregnant back then. 

March 13th ~ We caught Michael Buble in action on his Crazy Love Tour on David's birthday.

April 6th ~ Pulau Perhentian: Liza and I had a nice and sunny island holiday.

April 16th ~ Bournemouth with David and Sam during the Easter Holiday.

It was while we were in Bournemouth that I started feeling 'weird'. All my clothes felt tight and even David's aftershave was too much to handle. Fatigue hit me like a steamroller and I just didn't feel like doing anything else but sleep. We just thought it was a bad case of jet-lag...a very bad case.

The flight from LHR to KUL was horrible. I was sick the entire former flight attendant!?! How could that be? It's like defying gravity! But still we thought it was JET LAG.

After 2 whole days of trying to recover from jet lag, David suggested that  maybe I was pregnant. So off we went to Guardian to purchase the magic wand. The next morning, I summoned up the courage and attempted to skillfully hold the wand in one hand and- I'm sorry, but basically just peed on it for a few seconds. This seemed such an incredibly male thing to do.

A few minutes went by and the little 'window' on the wand showed 'pregnant- 3+'. "What does that mean? 3 what? Babies?", I thought to myself. I walked out of the bathroom and handed David the wand and told him to have a look. He mumbled something about not knowing what to do with it, and I said "You just need to read's very easy". He looked at it, grinned and said proudly, "See! I told you you'd be pregnant by March!"

Turned out he was right after all. A visit to the doctor the next day confirmed that I was 6 weeks pregnant :)


Belly Diary ~ 23 weeks today

Our little baby girl's ears are registering sounds from the outside world!
More importantly, this means that her little ears are picking up the sounds of my voice and others around me.

Her sense of movement is well developed by now and she can feel me dance. And now that she's more than 11 inches long and weighs just over a pound , i can feel her constantly squirming in my belly :L

We haven't chosen her a name yet...she's due mid December so we have about 4 months to decide.
Yesterday i went through the "newborn checklist" and my oh my, have I got a lot to purchase. All I've bought so far are three cute and cuddly soft toys. Not much use for our baby for the first few months so I better get my act together.

In the meantime, I'll leave you with this cute little image of a baby's foot pushing against her mum's belly that I found online. Let's see what our little girl does with hers in the next few months!
Little Foot
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