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What's in a name?

We as parents must decide,
To pick a name that suits our girl,
A name that she will wear with pride,
Of beauty and grace as they unfurl

At first we thought of Abigail
"A father's joy" or "father rejoiced"
Of Hebrew land the name did hail
Its meaning true and deeply voiced

SierraSiennaSavannah, we tried
We even tried Chloe and Annabelle too,
But none felt right for our baby, we cried,
We were confused, much to our rue.

Emma Louise, how sweet..we thought,
As precious as a tiny gem,
A dainty girl, a treasure most sought,
With flowers sewn upon her hem

She will be warm with a smile to match
A breath of fresh air like a garden in May
A calm little brook by a daisy patch,
The name that befits this is Summer May.

Sophie Mei means Wisdom and Beauty
A fusion of love where East meets West
Of Chinese plum blossom and hot English Tea,
Well we think that's the name that describes her the best!


Vincent Fong said...

Beautiful poem, Achik, and more important, A beautiful name!

kadazanmama said...

Aww babe.. love your poem! And some of the name here i like :D

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