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Happily Ever After

I purchased my baby her first story book a few days ago.

"What's the point", said an acquaintance. "She won't understand it at all".
Well, my baby may not understand words yet, but that won't stop me from reading to her or even chatting with her.
In fact, we're already having chats over breakfast every morning.

*kick* What's that darling? You don't want peanut butter on toast again?
But you loved it yesterday...
*kick kick KICK* What? You don't feel like having iced Milo?
You prefer apple juice? *rollllll*
OK Baby.

"But you can read her anything else, even the newspaper", the lady persists.
"Just make sure it sounds like something out of a story book".
I can't read her the lyrics of J Lo's "On the Floor" in the voice of
Mary Alice Young from the Desperate Housewives and expect it to be the same.

Dance the night away
Live your life ,and stay young on the floor
Dance the night away
Grab somebody drink a little more

No no no! That just won't work. It's not the same. I want it to be real.
You see, I need it to be real. This is going to be a special moment for me as well.
From the moment I knew I wanted to be a mother, I've had this vision of me reading a bedtime story to my child. Whilst some mothers daydream of baking cupcakes together or braiding their child's hair, I've always pictured myself as the story-telling-lullaby-singing mummy.

So when the moment is right, I will dim the light.
Baby would have had her bath and is all snuggly and warm in her cot.
I'll open the book, and read to my sleepy child her first ever story of
princesses and fairy godmothers.
And I'll treasure that first moment for the rest of my life and live happily ever after.

~The End~


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