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Week 33 ~ Who Am I?

I am 33 weeks old today.

I sleep whenever Mummy sleeps and wake up with Mummy too (although Mummy is not convinced that this pattern will persist once I am born).

I like it when Mummy sleeps on her left side but get a little uncomfortable when she moves to the right. This is when I will wake her by gently prodding her belly. I'm all smiles again when she shifts back to the left.

I love listening to the BBC news every morning with Daddy while Mummy eats the same breakfast of peanut butter on toast and a glass of juice. The cold juice settling in her tummy always make me jump and I start kicking in her belly.

I get the hiccups several times a day now especially after Mummy has had her lunch which can sometimes be a tad spicy. This makes Mummy worry. She worries that spicy food makes me uncomfortable. Don't worry Mummy, I'm OK. It's YOU I worry about. Spicy food gives you heartburn.

I love it when Mummy chatters away incessantly to me about anything and everything. Boy... she can really talk. She'll describe the cute little dresses and toys that she has bought for me. Sometimes she speaks to me in her faraway voice about her hopes and dreams for me.

I get a little frightened whenever Daddy drives and some other driver has ticked him off. Although that is not the word that Daddy uses. He uses words which are not the usual ones I hear. I can't really hear them that well though because I know Mummy lays her hands on her belly to sort of muffle the words.

I am highly amused whenever Mummy and Daddy sing duets for me. They can be quite a funny pair especially when Daddy sings back up. Sometimes Mummy sings me lullabies while she takes her shower. It's like listening to soothing songs on a rainy day.

I can't wait to see my parents and I know they can't wait to hold me too. Mummy keeps reminding me that we only have a few more weeks to go before I can finally meet them.

Do you know who I am?

I am a tiny life nestled under my Mummy's heart, lulled to sleep by its beat.

I am Little Baby Prosser!


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